Enrolled and Available Modules

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Unsure of the order you should enroll in the modules? They are listed below with our suggested progression through the material.  


BOMA Energy Training for Building Operations

This icon indicates you are taking the 'full course'. There is no content here. We recommend you begin with the "Energy Management Overview" module. Enjoy your course!


eEnergy Training Introduction

Understand the course layout. Familiarize yourself with the learning interface.


Energy Management Overview

Learn what energy management is, why it’s important and about the benefits.


Metering and Billing

You can’t manage what you don’t measure. Organize energy use data.


Lighting Systems

Identify operational and technical opportunities for lighting efficiency.


Electrical Systems

Identify savings opportunities. Lighting is not covered in this module.


Building Controls

Optimizing building controls could save you up to 25% in building energy usage.


Heating Systems

Learn the fundamentals of Heating Plants in office building applications.


Cooling Systems

Learn fundamentals of Chillers and Cooling Plants in office buildings.


Behavioural Opportunities

Saving energy goes beyond building components and systems.


Selling the Project

Great energy savings ideas often get stalled due to lack of buy in.